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Company News >> Glass pool gate latch recalled
 The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued a recall notice for a glass gate latch from Metforce Pty Ltd.

The products are stainless steel and plastic glass gate latches used in frameless pool fencing. The products do not comply with Australian Standard AS1926.1 2012 Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools section (b).

If the gate is open, turning the key in the striker component of the gate latch may cause the gate to remain locked in the open position. If the glass gate remains unlocked, it will not prevent unsupervised access to the pool or spa area, posing a potential drowning risk.

Product numbers: Latch 316 G2G/Latch 316 G2W /Latch 316 G2G Inswing; Latch 316 G2G Outswing/LATCH 316 G2P RND.

If you have one of the latches, contact Metforce and a replacement will be sent immediately with simple instructions on how to replace the faulty part. Pool owners are to secure the pool gate until the replacement has been installed.

Contact: Metforce (08) 9302 3686,

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