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Sneeze Guard New Zealand
Product name : Sneeze Guard New Zealand
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Sneeze guard -Help maintain social distancing rules and reinforce public health practices



With the COVID-19 Pandemic sweeping across New Zealand, we are calling to action all business owners to protect employees and customers. COVID-19 sneeze guard is NOW essential and beneficial for all businesses to protect each other from passing on this deadly Coronavirus. Royal Glass "Sneeze Guard” is also beneficial every year for seasonal flu season. Food sneeze guards were initially used by food businesses to stop people from contaminating food by breathing on the food. Food sneeze screens guards can also be used in a retail situation to reduce contact between customers and staff.

Deploy the Sneeze Guard when needed and store at your will.


Sneeze screen in reception areas, checkout, retail shops, hospitals, medical centers


Product Details:


Sneeze guard which is Stable and self-supporting

Can be portable Sneeze guard or permanent Sneeze guard, durable and long lasting.

Can be made with 5mm tempered glass sneeze guard or plastic acrylic/ plexiglass sneeze guard

Can write information and advertising announcements on glass using dry erase marker

Easy to store and deploy when needed

Standard two Sizes available L 1100wX 250d X800h, S 600w X150dX 600h

Support legs can be positioned to accommodate items on counter

Made in Auckland, New Zealand, can ship national wide

We are able to supply these sneeze guard screens either as a standard size or made to measure to suit your business or home needs (Site measure is available for Auckland customers)


God Bless New Zealand and people all around the world

 Check how walmart add the snzeeze guard for customers and employees health and safety.



For use in shopping centers, c-stores, and food services, our sneeze guards prevent cross-contamination from one area into another, especially for liquids. Maintain cleanliness in your workplace or public space with plastic splash boxes that are easy to wash, and easier to install. Our acrylic sneeze guards are ideal for any point-of-sale countertop, including cash registers, and any other high-traffic area such as bank tellers, coffee shops, reception desks, and take-out pick-up locations. Including a clear physical barrier between employees and guests, your business can convey a message that it is taking the necessary precautions to protect everyone involved, which is a notion that we are positive each guest will appreciate.


Clean your sneeze guard at room temperature with warm water and a mild soap or detergent solution for best results. Our customers choose these splash shields because they are easy to remove and re-install between shift cleanings, helping to maintain a healthy, sterile, environment for all who visit.

The spread of illness is something all workplaces should want to avoid, both to maintain a healthy and happy workforce, and to ease the minds of customers who visit. By showing everyone that you are invested in protecting the health of those who decide to frequent your location, you are in turn promoting the longevity and health of our business


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